With every order placed, your receive a wildflower plantable card - “Bee the solution & Help pollinators flourish”


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I care for my dried flowers/pampas grass

Keep your dried flowers away from direct sunlight as this can make the flowers become brittle.

Keep away from windy spaces as it may cause the flower heads/pampas to fall off or shed.

On receiving your order, be careful opening packages as flowers/pampas are very delicate.  


Remove your pampas from the packaging & handle them very gently. (allow time for your pampas to fluff up) Avoid handling them too much & place them in your vase away from drafts. You may also place your pampas in the warm sunshine as this will make them fluff up &  spray with unscented hairspray to avoid to much shedding or use a hairdryer on a warm setting.


How long will my dried flowers last?

Normally dried flowers last around a year or longer as long as they are cared for in the correct way.

What vase size do you recommend?

Dried flower/pampas stems vary in height & can be cut to suit your vase.